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Meet the Team

Founder, President

Paul Tseng is a nationally recognized authority on commissioning high performance buildings and integrated design. Known in the engineering community for many “firsts” in the advancement of high-performance buildings, Paul has been engaged in commissioning since the beginning stages of the practice. He served on all key Guidelines Committees for ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 on the Commissioning Process and on the Guideline 1-2007 for the HVAC commissioning process; and the National Institute of Building Sciences on Guideline 3-2012 on Exterior Enclosure. All 3 guidelines have become industry standards.
With nearly 50 years of professional engineering experience and 30 years in commissioning as his specialty, Paul has developed insights and expertise in high performance building design that incorporates innovative technology tools to guarantee savings for building owners. Paul is an effective team leader, program innovator and manager who has commissioned some of the very first LEED certified buildings in history.

As a result of his steadfast commitment to the building industry, Paul has been honored with over a dozen prominent industry awards. In 2005, he received the highest honor awarded in the commissioning industry, the prestigious Benner Award for his contribution to the commissioning profession and the growth of the industry. Additionally, he twice received the Energy Manager of the Year Award, as well as the U.S. Green Building Council’s Member of the Year Award. He is also a widely published author and has served on the editorial board for HPAC Engineering Magazine.

Paul Tseng, PE, CxAP, CxM, QCxP, BECxP, CxA+BE, LEED® Fellow

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