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High Performance

Using a holistic approach, ABP incorporates green building strategies into the commissioning process, the selection of the facilities’ infrastructure, and establishing ongoing building practices. We work with building owners, developers, and local governments to create innovative solutions for your building needs.

ABP provides cost-effective engineering solutions to green building challenges and value-added services in delivering high performing facilities throughout the United States.

Design / Peer Review

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Measurement & Verification Advisory

We assist your building team in the development and deployment of tailored solutions for measuring and monitoring system operation and performance benchmarking

System Performance Monitoring & Analysis

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Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Advisory 

We assist owners in obtaining the optimal IEQ performance for their project.  We recommend cost-effective, best practice strategies to enhance indoor air quality features in facilities

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing ​

We use state of the art equipment to measure numerous airborne contaminants such as formaldehyde, particulates, VOCs and carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide may also be sampled to diagnose ventilation problems. Tests help in achieving LEED IEQ Credit 3.2 Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan – Before Occupancy (EQc3.2).

Covid-19 Response Planning

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