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Commissioning Services

ABP makes sustainable design projects a reality. We work hand-in-hand with our clients through all phases of a project to deliver optimized mechanical, electrical, renewable energy, and architectural systems. Starting with a project’s intent and sustainability goals, we guide our clients through a project to the warranty reviews with our integrated whole building approach, providing the highest level of commissioning service and successful end-to-end commissioning process.

Our expert team specializes in commissioning services for all projects requiring commissioning mandated by state and local codes or LEED certification. ABP implements industry-leading best practices for whole building commissioning, design integration assistance, energy optimization support, and indoor environmental quality consulting.  We serve as an advisor and advocate for building owners and formulate a tailored approach to commissioning, re-commissioning and retro- commissioning for each unique project and its performance and energy goals.

LEED Commissioning

ABP’s core commissioning work is on LEED projects, where we implement best practices to enable the team to achieve their LEED certification goal. We have experience with each of the LEED categories (LEED BD+C, LEED ID+C, LEED O+M) and continuously update our services to meet the latest LEED Version.

Enclosure Commissioning

ABP has been engaged in enclosure commissioning both through LEED, and through selective risk management strategies selected by building owners and architects. We provide enclosure commissioning services through the design and construction phases, and includes advising clients on enclosure testing requirements to meet local and state code requirements such as IgCC, mockup/laboratory testing, and field testing to substantiate proper building enclosure and assembly construction.

Retro & Re-commissioning

High energy consumption, poor temperature and humidity control, and indoor air quality issues are among the problems that warrant retro and re-commissioning services. ABP follows the BCxA best practices for performing initial scope analysis, planning the best commissioning approach, and following up with reports and verification of system changes and modifications. We will subcontract expertise when required, such as having a Testing and Balancing contractor or Controls contractor assist us with the investigation. Initial benchmarking of energy use, and verification of increased energy efficiency may also be part of the scope, and ABP helps building facility teams understand the unique operational sequences to maintain the efficiency, comfort, and improved ventilation gains.

Continuous Commissioning

Often regarded as the ideal commissioning process, once a building has initially been commissioned, the commissioning provider or facility engineers continue the commissioning process at regular intervals to ensure the systems continue to operate properly. This can be considered a regular checkup to capture any untoward operations that may impact, among others, energy consumption, comfort conditioning, and ventilation. In addition, regular commissioning can be used to help identify way of improving operations, extend equipment service life, and accommodate changes in occupancy and space use.

IECC Commissioning and
IgCC Commissioning

Many states and local jurisdictions have adopted both the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). ABP can help navigate the requirements for both codes and making sure the unique requirements are met. We are able to jump straight into a project and help get it through permit with commissioning specifications and a commissioning plan in just a few days. We then help shepherd the project through the necessary commissioning milestones to generate the critical Preliminary Commissioning report that required to get a Certificate of Occupancy. Although not all commissioning best practice task essentials are required to complete IECC and IgCC commissioning, ABP never the less maintains our highest commissioning standard. This results in properly performing systems that reduces energy consumption and improves indoor comfort, even if this service is just considered yet another box to check for code compliance.

Monitoring Based Commissioning

The advancements of Building Automation Systems (BAS) and data analytics now allow us to see building performance in real time and apply automated fault detection. Similar to Ongoing Commissioning, Monitoring Based Commissioning extends beyond the initial commissioning effort, but has the advantage of tracking operations continuously and flagging potential issues before they become major items of concern. ABP has integrated concise requirements for the software requirements and contractor responsibilities into the commissioning specifications. We are aware of the cyber security issues and ensure this is addressed during deployment of the software. Being able to anticipate potential issues and capture loss in energy efficiency quickly permits building facility staff to react in a timely manner and keep the building operating properly, and even gradually reduce energy consumption over time.

Forensic Commissioning & Systems Failure Diagnostics

ABP’s extensive experience with many different systems and their points of failure allow us to quickly diagnose operational issues that may be due to incorrect system operations, incorrect setpoints, overridden sequences, and general equipment component failures. Our team will mobilize the staff with the most experience related to the problem and also engage third party subconsultants, such as testing and balancing or controls, to be most time effective on-site and provide cost effective solutions.

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